Our Book Ambassadors

Book Ambassadors are students that make up the Gift of Reading campaign teams. Each team fundraises money in their local community to encourage enough donations so that we can provide three books for each student in the school. At the end of the program, Ambassadors help out in the distribution of books to their school. Many of these students learn core business skills such as money management, leadership, and more. Below are the kinds of projects that they do in order to raise sufficient funds for their school. If you are interested in any of the core fundraisers, please contact us about setting up sponsorship to help a Book Ambassador team reach their goal!

Reading Jam: A Community Fundraising Project

The Reading Jam fundraising project was inspired by a favorite family outing to the Dallas Museum of Art Late Nights where they have bedtime stories told by storyteller Ann Marie Newman. This is a FREE, family-friendly event that enables the community to get involved in the passion of reading and also celebrates the classic art of story time. We invite ten readers from all around to read a story with just a few guidelines:

• A reader only has ten minutes to read their story.
• Readers are encouraged to recruit help to enhance their reading by acting out scenes or engaging the audience.
• Stories can be read in any language.
• Stories have to be family friendly.
• A concession stand is where funds are generated for book donations.

T-Shirt Sales:
I like Big Books and I cannot lie!

One fundraising project created by Gift of Reading is our t-shirt fundraiser that promotes a love of reading. Students are able to submit designs and vote on their favorite t-shirt. We then hand over the design to be printed. A school will typically allow students to wear t-shirts on school spirit days.

Poster Project: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

One fundraising project created by Gift of Reading is a poster of all teachers and staff reading their favorite book around the school campus. The poster project is a fun way for teachers to share their favorite books with students across the school. The poster can serve as a great classroom tool to encourage reading using the mentors that children look up to each day. Each poster is sold in exchange for book donations or funds to purchase books for the book drive.

Youth Advisory Board

Gift of Reading was founded by a 2nd grade student and was expanded and refined by the first team of students between 3rd to 6th grade. For this reason, it is particularly important to the Founder that kids remain central to the organization. When a student serves on a Book Ambassador team, they qualify the next year to serve on the Youth Advisory Board.

These students help review and refine the list of fundraiser ideas used by Book Ambassador teams. They review the success of fundraisers, helping provide guidance on how campaigns can be improved and how the organization can continue to expand the purpose of promoting book ownership within their communities. They also help spread Gift of Reading’s mission to expand out to new ventures and funders.

Our regulations for youth that would like to participate are as follows:
• Must be on a book ambassador team for one or more years
• Must be in grade school
• Must be an entrepreneur or activist of change in your community or world

Are you a student who has participated in Gift of Reading for one year or more? Join our Youth Advisory team.

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