By sponsoring a school, you can help gift over 2,500 books to low-income local schools.

Sponsorship is more than just matching funds

It can include, hosting a book drive to support the school you are sponsoring, purchasing fundraising t-shirts, volunteering at events, or promoting the work the teams are doing for their community. Sponsors could be companies, churches, organizations and more. Each team needs a sponsor in order to succeed.

What does monetary sponsorship include?

As a team sponsor, you are committing to matching all funds raised by the Book Ambassadors during their fundraising campaign. The minimum match for each fundraiser is $500 and there is no maximum. Funds go to help each Book Ambassador team meet their minimum costs to give three books to every student at their school.

We focus on Title 1 schools where funding is scarce. Sponsorship ensures:
• A Book Ambassador team is guaranteed to be successful in covering the costs of getting books for students.
• Help Gift of Reading continue to expand to more schools.

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