Which is better…

telling kids that they can accomplish big things
or showing them how and letting them be a part of the solution?

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower children to inform and change their world at any age by starting within their own community. We promote servant leadership, literacy and a love of reading through book ownership to spread this idea.

Our Program

Each participating school has a Book Ambassador Team consisting of 7 students in grades 3rd - 5th. These students hosts four core fundraising programs with the goal to gift three books to every student at the school. Learn about Book Ambassadors

Our organization guides Book Ambassador Teams through our fundraising program and handles the logistics of sorting, bundling, and delivering books to the school for distribution. We also assist getting Teams sponsored by local businesses, churches and organizations. Learn about the Program

Our Impact

Since 2010, Gift of Reading has distributed over 15,000 books to over 4,000 students. It started as an idea from a student who simply wanted to make sure everyone in her classroom owned a book. Over the years, her dedication transformed her idea into Gift of Reading - a scalable and sustainable nonprofit dedicated to empowering children to lead social impact within their communities.

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